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The Future is Net Zero

Iogen is fueling the movement.

Iogen Icons NetZero World

Restoring nature’s balance.

The world is committed to Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 to help restore the balance between the carbon released into the atmosphere and the carbon removed from the atmosphere through natural processes.

International agreements, national policies and local regulations are driving the economics, and new technologies are driving the displacement of fossil fuels by carbon-negative biofuels and electricity.

Carbon-negative fuels for a Net Zero world.

Electrification will be an important source of energy in the future, but it has practical limits and will not reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases already present in the atmosphere.

To reach Net Zero, complementary energy solutions will be required — solutions that go where electricity will not go.

At iogen, we are creating those solutions. Our technology converts cheap and plentiful biomass material into clean fuels to power vital economic activities such as long-distance marine, ground and air transport.

Iogen offers scalable, sustainable fuel solutions that remove the carbon that is stored naturally in biomass as an integral part of the fuel production process, resulting in carbon-negative fuels.

Using biomass as our feedstocks and capturing the carbon dioxide during the clean fuel production process, we will accelerate the achievement of Net Zero by making fuels that reduce carbon in the atmosphere with every drop used.

Iogen Icons Hydrogen

Progressive steps toward Net Zero.

The global quest for Net Zero is driving profound changes in human and business behavior, and change can be difficult. That's why iogen has plotted a progressive path that smooths the way, contributing to greenhouse gas reduction in meaningful increments and unlocking real economic value every step of the way.

Step 1 – RNG for Natural Gas Vehicles

There is a growing appreciation of the economic and environmental benefits of using RNG in today's natural gas vehicles. It's a cost-effective, low-carbon fuel solution and a positive step toward Net Zero, and iogen is an RNG leader. But the opportunity is limited by the amount of biogas available and the number of vehicles that run on natural gas.

Step 2 – RNG for Refinery Drop-In Fuels

By providing the technology and the RNG feedstocks to enable refineries to make drop-in fuels like renewable gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel, iogen will unlock rapid growth in the RNG business, displacing even more fossil fuel and facilitating another huge step toward Net Zero.

Step 3 – New RNG Sources and Carbon Capture

New RNG projects will implement our raw biogas aggregation technology to expand RNG supply. And they will integrate our patented carbon capture technology, a first in the RNG production industry. Our carbon-negative solutions will stimulate additional demand for RNG-based fuels while slashing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their use.

Step 4 – Make Carbon-Negative RNG from Agriculture Residues

As biofuels prove their vast potential to support Net Zero, demand will outpace the supply of biogas feedstocks that can be sourced from landfills and digester operations. Iogen will be ready with the proprietary processing technology needed to turn cheap and plentiful agriculture residues into carbon-negative fuels. This will be a breakthrough step that accelerates the displacement of fossil fuels, reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels with every drop of fuel used.

Step 5 – Make RNG for Hydrogen and Other Fuels

Iogen will be ready when hydrogen-powered vehicles take to the road, supplying carbon-negative RNG for the production of "carbon-negative hydrogen" and helping to de-carbonize the natural gas grid. And we will continue to innovate, developing new ways to use RNG to make the liquid refinery feedstocks that will displace crude oil entirely, completing the transition of the refinery industry into a full partner in a Net Zero future.

At iogen, we are committed to the production of abundant, affordable, carbon-negative fuels. It’s how we’re fueling the movement to Net Zero.

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