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Transformative Technology

Unlocking the full potential of low-carbon fuels.

Iogen brings a unique combination of patented technology and solution design capabilities to the Net Zero challenge. We develop and deploy large-scale systems that turn biomass into the fuels of the future. Our deep expertise is founded on decades of investment and experience, and our innovations are ushering in a future of abundant, affordable, carbon-negative fuels.

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Transforming refineries.

Iogen has created a unique, low-cost way to use existing refineries to make drop-in renewable fuels. The process converts RNG into renewable hydrogen and inserts the renewable hydrogen energy into gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Our technology unlocks the potential for tens of billions of gallons of low-carbon fuels that can be used to reduce the life-cycle carbon emissions of today's cars.

Why refineries?

Using existing refineries to make renewable fuels creates a path of least resistance to decarbonization at scale and at the lowest possible cost. With more than 100 million barrels per day of global production capacity, refineries represent a unique opportunity to re-purpose existing investments for the Net Zero future.

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Transforming the biogas supply chain.

Iogen is unlocking new opportunities with an innovative way to collect and process stranded biogas. Our technology enables the trucking of raw or partially purified biogas to large-scale, strategically located RNG production facilities. We are significantly expanding the volume of biogas that can be accessed economically to contribute to Net Zero future.

Why Biogas?

Biogas is an ideal feedstock for RNG production but much of available supply lies beyond the reach of the existing gas grid. To meet the growing demand for RNG products, more biogas will be required. Iogen's raw biogas transportation and processing strategy will support demand in the near-and mid-term.

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Transforming agriculture residues.

We pioneered a unique process to convert agriculture residues and other sources of fiber into cellulosic ethanol. We're applying that fiber processing expertise to expand today's RNG production capacity by 100X, bringing it to the giga-tonne levels that will be required to achieve Net Zero.

Why agriculture residues?

Plentiful, low-cost agricultural residues and similar sustainable sources of biomass are the only feedstocks available on the scale needed to supply clean fuels production to meet Net Zero goals. And by combining waste fiber conversion with Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS), iogen is accelerating the movement to Net Zero.

Iogen Icons BioGas Production

Transforming carbon capture.

Iogen has developed innovative ways to integrate Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Sequestering (BECCS) capabilities into all of its technology, offering a convenient, low-cost way to actually remove carbon from the atmosphere.


Even a significant reduction in fossil fuel use will not result in Net Zero by 2050. Net Zero will require not only emissions avoidance but also the active removal of carbon from the atmosphere. And that means BECCS. Iogen technology is ready-made to integrate carbon capture capabilities into the production process to deliver fuels with a net-negative carbon intensity.

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Transforming through innovation.

Continuous behavioral, economic and technological innovation will make Net Zero possible. We've fostered a culture of innovation for more than 35 years, investing more than $500 million to develop low-, no- and carbon-negative fuels from biomass. Along the way, we've been granted more than 300 patents, a testament to our unequalled expertise in the field. Call it our innovation foundation — we're building on it to make a real difference.

Transform your World.

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